This is Artemis. She’s my Minpin!


She was found online, someone offering her “Free to a good home”. A good home is definitely what she needed.

When I showed up to get her, she was locked in a room/ She was shaking like a leaf and the owner refused to let her go in the living room (which i later did, when led to her looking for any kind of food she could manage from what the kids dropped on the floor) I fell in the love the second I saw her! She is so little but has the longest legs ever! Her lazy ear fits her personality perfectly…spunky. As the girl told her I could have her, she sent her with just 3 things. An old dog bed, a blanket, and her bowls. WHAT?! No toys. no food. nothing. When i went to put her collar on, it was 3 sizes to small for her, and the leash was chewed and torn. It very apparent, that they just wanted her gone, and could have cared less about her. There were no tears, no goodbyes, no anything. Handed her to me and let me leave. The whole ride home Artemis (who of course, I renamed because she didn’t respond to ANYTHING…wonder why…) just laid in a ball in the passenger seat, shaking and whining…until…PETSMART!!! I spoiled her pretty rotten. I had to carry her in so i could get her a collar and leash, made her a new name tag, and got her some toys, and treats. That got her out of her shell, and she spent the rest of the ride home with her head happily out the window, tongue flapping in the wind! Little did I know, opening that door to let her in the house, would be begin a saga of stress, fights, and drama….which is why I decided to make an entire blog dedicated to raising, training, and loving a minpin. They are highly intelligent, active, loving, people-pleasing dogs. This is sure to be a wild ride!

Now, before all you crazies get on my case about rescuing a MinPin, let me make something VERY clear. Before going to see her. I spent almost a week deeply researching and reading about min pins. I understand they are NOT normally dogs for people with small children. They also have chasing instinct which makes them nearly impossible with Cats. They have dominance issues, so if they aren’t socialized (like Artemis) they can be aggressive. I understand their needs and wants and demands. I am willing to work with all of this to prove that ANY dog can be brought back from the dark and made into an amazing family pet.




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